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IT Chimes is a leading Windows Mobile Application Development Company offering dynamic solutions for a wide range of portables and mobile devices. The popular Windows based applications is built with help of Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) and is based on the concept of Object Oriented Programming (OOPs). The applications developed are component based and ensure faster multi-processing with stunning GUI.

We, well known as an efficient Windows Mobile Application Development Company have the capability and expertise in creating various Windows Mobile applications that can change your mobile into a smart piece of equipment. The versions of OS available today for Windows based mobile handsets are Windows Mobile 6, 6.1 and Windows Mobile 6.5. These run on smart phones, Pocket PCs, wide range of portal devices as well as computers. Based on your requirements we can develop custom based applications that can run on a variety of versions.


We Known For Remarkable Mobile Application Developer Company

When there are so many Windows based mobile application developers out there, you must be wondering why choose us. We offer the following features to ensure the application running on your Windows based mobile is not only remarkable but dependable too:

  • We have an experienced team of experts who can create the best of Windows based mobile software that would leave you stunning
  • Our application development services and end deliverables undergo stringent testing so that you get quality and feature rich applications as per your demand and specifications
  • We ensure faster web development and turn-around time when compared to others.
  • We offer high degree of flexibility in developing applications that can run on a variety of platforms. These would be most compatible and would not at all render the performance of the mobile handset in any way
  • IT Chimes strives to offer Windows mobile applications that are easy to use and for you to get easily familiarized with in no time at all
  • We manage all security aspects for a more reliable experience
  • While developing any Windows based application, we believe in using re-usable technology that match industry standards as well as best practices

What Makes IT Chimes Different From Rest

No matter what is your requirement we offer a world class windows mobile application solution that would surpass your expectations. We understand that each application has a different standpoint and requires a tailored approach while it is developed. This is why we firmly believe in listening to our clients and then suggest ways of enhancing the end product. The development process encompasses various stages of development after which the product is tested and in case any bug is detected we would take care of it then and there. This way we ensure that the end product delivered to you is bug free and performs as per international standards.

If you are looking for a reliable Windows Application Development company then your search ends here. IT Chimes offers low cost solutions with high end capabilities that are sure to add more functionalities to your mobile or any other Windows based portable device that you may have.

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