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4 ways to expand your Email Subscribers’ list

October 16, 2015

Our lives have changed thanks to the introduction of new and more advanced forms of digital communication, be it through social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook or the smart messaging services that WhatsApp and Viber have to offer.

imac user using imacNotwithstanding that, email remains one of the most important means of communication in both, the formal and informal domains of our relationships. By and large, email continues to enjoy its stronghold in the communication market. As per research, the number of emails (sent and received) per day is more than 205 billion. It is estimated that the figure will rise at a remarkable rate of 3% annually, this is a very lucrative sector for all marketing professionals, especially internet marketers.


1. Analyze your Traffic and Formulate a Strategy

If you have huge traffic coming to your website but have a high bounce rate for your website, you won’t be able to convert that traffic into a valuable customer base. Also, on many occasions, only a few pages get the desired attention and the rest of the web pages on your site suffers from what I call Low-Page View syndrome.

Restricting to the strategy that will enhance your email subscription, you should first of all dig out all that you can to know your online audience. Check the pages that get the maximum views and have lowest bounce rates. That is the ideal place for you to place the subscription form.

Make sure the form is not forced on the viewer but rather it appears after a certain time when the audience has gotten a feel about what your website is all about.

You can also position a featured box for email sign ups somewhere in the top of your homepage of your blog as well. Sometimes, even when the reader is really interested in reading your blogs and checking the archive, lack of time and other factors come in their way. A featured sign up box will help them to get constant updates and notifications about what you publish subsequently and that is a good sign for your email subscription list.


2. Interactive Submit/Subscribe butto

A call to action is a digital form of user persuasion. You can not expect a mute icon to attract the intelligent audience. You must design the button so as to make it responsive and color it appropriately  to encourage the online visitor to click on it.
interactive subscription
A lot of websites have dark red or orange colored submit button and despite what their intentions behind such color coding were, it hardly seems to work. Instead, if the color of your subscribe button were more soothing, say for example a shade of apple green, you can expect better results in terms of more opt-in rate and a greater pull from the audience’s end.

When you highlight a particular call to action in a color that is relatively more comforting, the visitor is visually and subconsciously driven towards an affirmative action rather than making a pass. Of course colors alone are of no value, they work in collaboration with the meaningful content and the context in which the message is conveyed.  So when you have a call to action button that reads add or subscribe, you will want your online visitor to be comfortable while making that choice. Consequently, you should opt to having an attractive and responsive opt-in icon that has subtle shades instead of some loud red color.


3. Free Deal

Contrary to the proverbial “no free lunch”, internet has enabled us to share information with no cost whatsoever. You can offer some guide book in PDF, video or other relevant content to your audience for free so that they can subscribe to your blogs. Offering a free e-book is a better converter than offering something that other blogs do: (they offer nothing for free and there is your scope to make a statement about your brand). Unlike what many of the email marketers believe, sending e-book to your subscribers is an easy deal. You can find some quick ideas on how to automatically send the e-books to your email subscriber in this post.

Due to the increase in the popularity of portable devices, e-books are now being read more than ever. When you offer some relevant and valuable information for free, you are not only displaying your brand’s vision, you are indeed adding some value to your online audience’s life. Apart from getting them on board your email subscription list, you are also ensuring that they value your authority over the subject, thereby leading them towards a more loyal association with you.


4. Social Shares

Another good idea to boost your email subscription list is by encouraging the readers to share your blog posts. How do you do that? Simply insert an Email to a friend and social sharing buttons below the title of the post. It’s like prompting the interested readers to distribute your contents to their social and professional circles.

Social media engagementNot only will that increase your content’s visibility, it will also help you find new leads that you perhaps never planned for. Also, at the bottom, you can include a call to action button with some relevant and concise message so as to encourage more subscription on your blogs.


Based on your business niche and brand image, you can modify these methods to serve you better. These are only a few ways to boost your subscription list. Why just read and then forget? Try them for a considerable time and see the results for yourself. Share your experiences and feedback in the comments section and let’s create a discussion on how to plan the most effective strategy.

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