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5 Best Web Browser-Based Online Image Editing Tools

As web designers, we face situations when we can’t resist the urge to quickly fix an image for its contrast levels, background exposure, blurred outlines, etc. What follows is a tiring task of opening your Adobe Photoshop desktop application and doing the necessary modifications. But what if you are using a system where Photoshop isn’t available and the image must be edited? In such cases, browser based image editing tools can be of great help and through this article we will cover the 5 best options available in the market.

Internet based graphic editors are a major fad these days, and can be accessed directly through web browsers. Many of them need little background knowledge of image editing tools, and are great for little but important web design modifications. Suppose a scenario where you need to use your image for an official purpose, and all you have is your social media account at your disposal. You can use one of the below mentioned tools, and edit-crop one of your selected images for the official use. Done, problem solved! Let’s cover 5 best online image editing tools that normal users and web designers could efficiently use for best results.

#1 PicMonkey

PicMonkey is one of the most convenient and user friendly image editors available in the market. It has easy to understand features, and lets you customize your favorite tools and allows access to more professional features through in-app purchases. One can also choose final output quality of the picture, and PicMonkey gets a little whimsical with terminology for image sizes that are called Jack, Bubbles and King Kong – order of least to best quality.



#2 Pixlr

Pixlr is among the featured packed image editing packages, and offers a comprehensive set of imaging tools that are present in Adobe Photoshop. This browser-based program has its own application frame and offers quick image adjustments and cross-file transformations. Further, Pixlr comes replete with several useful toolbars and features, such as Layers, Navigator and History, amongst others. Best part- it’s free!



#3 Ribbet

Those who loved Picnik, one of the first online image editors that was acquired and consumed by Google for its Picasa, would easily recognize Ribbet. This online imaging tool is developed on the same platform as Picnik, and has the same user friendly interface as its parent platform. However, professional users would definitely miss the absence of Layers.



#4 FotoFlexer

FotoFlexer adds a sophisticated modern touch to modern browser based imaging tools. The visually clean interface comes equipped with all the basic effects, editing and animation options. However, it can be slow at times and you can’t always navigate to the previous pages as well. If the developers can optimize these areas then, I think FotoFlexer could possibly become the best online image editor in the market.

 FotoFlexer web browser based image editing tools - IT Chimes


#5 LunaPic

LunaPic is a special image editor and has a unique enticing graphic animation suite. The interface may seem called slightly dated, but this editing tool has a few perks of its own- video-style animated effects. For instance, using Groovy Color one could add looping animations, while Old Movie Effect animation renders a retro look to graphics, which is extremely handy in terms of graphic designing requirements.

 LunaPic - web browser based image editing tools - IT Chimes

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