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Acknowledging the Web Based IDE: ShiftEdit

January 10, 2012

There have been various inventions in the industry of web development in the past. While some couldn’t stand up to the expectations of the consumers and the industry alike, there were some which managed to generate moderate appreciation with the help of their creativity or, you can say, innovativeness. Having been one among such web development tools, ShiftEdit was introduced during last months of 2010 and seem to have been generating moderate response until now.


Launched in 2010, ShiftEdit was a new online IDE built around ExtJS and Mozilla Skywriter (qt. in ShiftEdit-Web Based IDE) which was built on various complicated philosophical platforms. Let’s take a quick look to what is actually referred to ShiftEdit. To acknowledge it deeply, we are once required to go through its philosophical aspects and other relatively important features.

According to Adam Jimenez, it is probably the best application which is ported to the web. Its main features as mentioned by Jimenez in his article ShiftEdit—Web Based IDE are Code Editor, FTP, Find/Replace, and Revision. The code editor has support for Syntax highlighting for HTML/ CSS/ JS and PHP, Block tabbing, Undo/ Redo, Line Numbers, Jump to line, + It’s very fast. While FTP is supports SFTP which allows you create, rename, and delete files and folders (qt. in ShiftEdit—Web Based IDE).

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