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Analyzing 1 Million Edits and Speculations

April 24, 2012

A lot of people inarguably have hundreds of weird hobbies but this particular one has brought quite fame for Justin Knapp, a 30 year old philosophy and political science graduate born in Indianapolis. With his incredible 1 million Wikipedia edits, he’s taken the entire world by storm overnight and many into speculating the possibilities behind this very achievement.

Wikipedia that was under constant business crisis lately seems to have set its targets straight in the industry with this inconceivable attainment. The news has been received well by the professionals of the technical industries across the world. And it’s seemingly given fodder to assumptions both weak and probable.

Not more than 3 days now, and Justin’s record is already a hot topic for those professional debates. Is it probably a credible static that was reviewed? Or what kind of analysis has been taken into consideration? The people are subconsciously going into all possibilities to land on something fishy about it. With so much on its side, the fact can’t be changed that Justin himself made it possible—something that was inconceivable for so long. And controversies are bound to stay with success.

Justin describes his writing abilities with a difference. A staunch writer as he is, Justin prefers concluding sentences void of prepositions and serial commas. And as far as his editing abilities are concerned, his strengths lie in adding categories, media, references, templates, copyediting, formatting, suggesting structures to articles, and adding prose.

Justin received Golden Wiki award and April 20th has been declared Wikipedia holiday in the honor. Contrary to unwanted speculations, the fact can’t be changed that a complete determination made its way through impossibilities once again.

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