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APPLE Maps Taking Charge With Google Maps

June 18, 2012

With the closest competition between Google and Apple up till date the addition of Google Maps in Apple’s products is something actually interesting. Apple has now come up with its own mapping service on iOS, once again giving a tough competition to Google.

The new Apple’s maps have almost covered all the features that iPhone users are expecting from Google Maps-based default app along with addiction striking features like3D maps for virtual flyovers and spoken turn-by-turn directions. Google has lost its leading position on Apple’s mobile operating system with the launch of Apple’s new 3D maps.


With their new 3D maps, Apple is trying to expand its existing features from the current Google Maps version. There are built-in Yelp reviews now, which is similar to the instant traffic update feature of Google. In addition, there are transit directions that will be available in the new Apple‘s own edition.

Till present, Google was heading in competition with Apple because of its built-in navigation app, but Apple with its spoken turn-by-turn directions feature is pulling Google down. You can get information about real-time traffic. Apart from information about traffic jam along your way or about the accident, you can now switch to a faster route as an alternative.

So, all iOS users thanks to Apple and have a happy journey without fearing about traffic jams or right directions anymore.

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