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Apple New Standalone Podcasts with better Streaming

It seems that rumors about Apple planning to introduce the podcast feature from iTunes in iOS were correct. Recently, Apple has officially launched a separate standalone app for users to manage and listen to the video and audio podcasts even before the release of iOS 6.

Users can subscribe to various prerecorded audio shows of different types and download them for listening offline. The special feature of this app is that it removes the difference between podcast experiences that need to be or need not to be downloaded and create disturbance in the Music application. This is something that podcast developers need to avoid prior. The new standalone has more robust tools for handling podcasts on iOS devices themselves.

Also, some other features of the music app include custom player resembling an analog tape deck with special controls that differ from other typical built-in A/V player from Apple. Further, it has built-in sharing tools, a sleep timer for turning off the application after a time period set. This podcast will allow users to do what all they are doing in the podcasts section of iTunes, but in a much easier manner. Users can find, subscribe and listen to their favorite programs.



To subscribe to a show or download a specific episode you just need to do is tap. It comprises of a new section known as top stations that suggests programs you may enjoy. You can also use the sleep timer so that your app automatically shut off after the set time. If you are happy with your podcast, then you can tell your friends with the help of some new sharing tools for Twitter, email and Facebook.

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