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Apple Outs YouTube from Text Version of their iOS 6 Inbuilt Apps

August 8, 2012

It is consider the 2nd biggest shock to search giant Google Inc after replacing Google Maps from iOS 6.

Until it is considered that these big companies trying to capture more and more market share through their new product range launch, but here the story is different.

Before days, Google announced Nexus Tablet to capture Apple’s iPad market. It seems these big giant companies are bicotts each ones products.

Recent launch Apple’s iOS 6 text version for their iPad, iPhone, iPod users. User gets shocked when they don’t find YouTube from its inbuilt apps. Actually YouTube was a part of original iPhone. Previously Apple outs Google Maps from its iOS6 .

It is supposed to new battle started for YouTube between search giant Google and app king Apple. Both companies want their own control on YouTube.

Let’s wait what will be final news !

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