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Apple To Sell Bulbs!

October 29, 2012

When Wipro roped in Paresh Rawal to endorse their CFL lamps, I sported a smile. Leave something behind, something for others to do.

Just few days after launching iPad Mini much beyond my  guessed price, when Apple now decides to sell bulbs, I just sighed and started to read, expecting ibulb . As it turned out, they will not be making the lights but will let Philips sell their ‘Hue’ branded lights using Apple’s outlets. Philips actually put lots of sweat behind this light bulb, as this is (world’s first?) web enabled light bulb. Using a mobile app, you can actually control lightings. It reminds me of a survey where they asked me if I would like to connect my toaster to the net or not!

These bulbs can actually emit different colours of light depending on user orders. In fact, you can use a slider to choose brightness and colour of the light. Filip Jan Depaw from Philips put it enticingly, “We won’t tell you what to do, you create your own mood.”  That is something a moody person like me would certainly love.

The bulbs are to last 15 years or at least 15,000 years of active life which is indeed LONG. The bulbs will also fit into the standard plugs. You can also set a timer for each bulb together or singularly, telling them when to go off and when to turn on. In the starter kit, you get a wireless bridge to connect to your home Wi-Fi, which sends and receives signals from those bulbs. You also receive 3 Hue  bulbs in the kit. Install the app on your iPhone or iPad and you are ready to operate your own smartbulbs (the author takes responsibility of this term).

Only problem? Starter kit with 3 bulbs+ wireless bridge = $200, each additional bulb =$50. That is indeed a steep price.

You can either wait till the price comes down which also gives you time to collect some user feedback OR you can trust the name of Apple and Philips and the saving you will be making in 15 years  which is certainly tens of times more than the price …..and go and pick your starter kit.

Oh yes, if you don’t have iPad or iPhone, buy that one to.

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