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Apple’s New Look of App Store to Help You Replace the iOS Horror Show

September 29, 2012

There are many new features of Apple iPhone 5 and the iOS 6 which accompanied it. While Apple is being complemented for the phone, removing Google Maps from the phone has received strong criticism and negative user response. There has been another change, especially for people frequenting the app store.  The change is affecting the visibility and rankings of the apps.  adeven, a company based in Europe, has made Apptrace, a software which can trace and compare the use of apps which can shed some light on the effects of this new change.

Lots of guesses are being made on how this new system works. Popular guess is that this ranking system depends on seasons, search and social activities and not on the number of previous downloads. If we consider this to Firefox add-ons we can see the difference in approach. Firefox, by default ranks the most downloaded software on the top and least downloaded one at the bottom. As more downloads indicate a better add-on, more users go for those add-ons which are tried and tested.  Apple’s new approach is confusing consumers.

Another prominent strategically shift is how Apple is promoting its own stuffs in the store. Genius, made by Apple, is popping up almost everywhere, for instance. The apps capable of passbook-ing are also gaining rank fast.  Those who don’t have these installed are always shown the ads.

Apple doesn’t reveal the secret recipe. It is therefore open for everybody to guess how these ranks are working. One anti-thesis is, some apps are regaining the old rank after an initial drop.

There are two suggestions from Paul H. Muller, co-founder of adeven. Firstly, you can try optimizing for keywords but this hasn’t been done on a large scale and we can’t assure you of results or, just to carry on like you always were doing and leave the rest to Apple.

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