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People often ask me my profession and I answer, writing, much to their amazement. How do you earn by writing? Well, you see the websites, whatever is written on that is called content and that is what I write for different websites.

4 years now I am writing, and apart from educating people on what enigmatic duty I perform to earn by Biriyani and Pulao (or bread and butter), I often tell the new comers about the nooks and crannies of this profession. Lets talk about in gist, how to be a better content writer than me.


Content Writing is not a way to earn quickly. Image courtesy :

Firstly, please don’t come to this profession if you don’t like writing. If you have a great urge and tendency to express yourself in writing since your first memory, then you are welcome else you are not at all welcome. You may survive in the industry for a few years by switching companies and talking BS in the interviews but finally you will run out of BS and more importantly, of job.


Secondly, sadly, we need to express ourselves in a a language which is not our own language. So, please make sure your English is good. Native speakers of English will read your content sceptically and thus, even a minute mistake can go against you. Furthermore many article directories, most importantly Ezine, will neither let you post your article not will point out your mistakes, making it very difficult for you to post there. So, excellent and flawless English is the second point.


Thirdly, please do not copy my writing style. Writing style should be engaging, captivating. Do not bore your reader. If each of your piece is as complex as the preface of Bernard Shawś dramas then, good luck comrade in becoming a content writer. Add photos, funny comments, pull legs….do whatever you need to make the reader read till the last word. If you write as boring as this blog, seriously none is going to read.


The fourth point can surely be the knowledge you convey forward. See, something is interesting only if its not a oft repeated topic with same points. Until and unless you are telling the reader something he doesn’t know or explaining something he doesn’t understand, he fir sure will not read it. Adding a catchy title often does this job. Once I read a headline like “A bypass to bypass the bypass”. Wouldn’t anyone will want to know what the heck it is about?


I will cover the technical aspects in the 2nd instalment of this blog. Stay tuned. Let me know how much I bored you here in the comments.

CTO of Saffron Tech Pvt. Ltd he loves to work in and share knowledge of IT and has established a lot of structures all across different platforms in IT. Have been responsible in creating system and resolving complex IT related problems. Recently has been working with the core team of Internet Marketing

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