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Best Android Apps of 2012 Are Free

December 27, 2012

You fell for the trap? Haha, ok, let me be clear, Google has made a list of the best apps available on Google Play and those are free. It’s a list of 10 free apps which were launched in 2012 only and I found out that I use two of those.  Let me list the best Android apps of 2012 for you.

  1. EverNote (I use it always, most importantly on desktop): An app to take note of anything while on the go. No more “what was that” questions.
  2. Pinterest: Girly FaceBook, as it is called. Yet to find out the utility of it.
  3. Grimm’s Fairy Tales (as an exception, this is a paid app, $ 1.99): Just as the name suggests, this app is a perfect introduction of fairy world of Grimm.
  4. Pocket (aka Read-It Later): A full-featured offline reader that is constantly adding new capabilities like site subscriptions that let you save articles on paid sites.
  5. Expedia (better on tablets): A beautiful and handy tool for travel planning all over the world.
best android apps 2012

Best Android Apps 2012

  1. Ancestry (2nd app which I use): if you are proud of your blood and want to maintain a well managed family tree, this app helps you perfectly. Just sing in and make your id and create your family tree. Even if you delete the app, whenever you re-install and log in, the tree is with you.
  2. Fancy (blessing for shopaholics): Share your wardrobe, accessories and other belongings with the world.
  3. SeriesGuide Show Manager: If you are fond of watching the television on your Droid baby, then this app has a great interface and onscreen presentation to make it even better.
  4. Pixlr (Thinking of using it): A great tool for photography and also editing it. It’s better than even Snapseed, if I may say so.
  5. Ted: this one is for serious chaps. Follow gurus, motivational talkers, legends and others using this tool to follow what they said what.

As you may see, no tool which came before 1st Jan 2012 was included in the list. Also fascinating is the way Google didn’t mention its own products in the list. I personally was surprised a bit to see to games or chat/SNS tool made it to the list. The list was biased a bit too much towards serious apps, I felt.

What you think of it? Do let us know in the comments.

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