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Celtra Launches Version 3 of the Mobile AdCreator With 70+ Features

Celtra, one of the leading tool offering company for designing mobile advertisement has recently launched version 3 of its AdCreator tool. The product is not just an improved version of the earlier product, but a completely unique version of the product that has new architecture and more than 70 exclusive features, claimed by the Co-founder and Chief Product Officer Matevz Klanjsek.

With the help of this newly launched tool, you can now create an interesting mobile advertisement without doing any coding. Users just need to drag certain things together using Celtra’s latest AdCreator’s principally drag-and-drop boundary.

Klanjsek and his co-founder/CEO Mihael Mikek, focus on the fact that AdCreator is a complete platform for disbelievers. During the demo, they also highlight on the collaboration features of the new version of AdCreator that allow various teams to work together on an advertisement, even if they are working in different companies.

They further put light on social integration feature of AdCreator. With this new AdCreator, advertisers can fit in things like Foursquare check ins and Instagram photos into an advertisement. The other interesting features comprise of a control panel for organizing all your advertisement campaigns, the capability to include events and actions in an ad, immediate ad metrics, a two-step procedure for publishing an ad and making sure that it has been tagged correctly.

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