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Chrome Web Browser for Windows- It’s Not an OS

October 19, 2013

Let’s understand the basic reality about it first, that Google is not trying to sneak Chrome OS into Windows 8.x. It’s just an experimental version of the existing Chrome Web Browsers with some new and improved settings. It can appear as Chrome OS but actually it’s not so. The thing you are experiencing is actually a new version of Chrome Web Browser which runs smoothly on Windows 8.x. When the two very different paths have come together, one by Google and other by Microsoft, the web browser is looking like Chrome OS.

If we study the Microsoft side, we can see that since the inception of Windows 8, it has been trying to develop a plug-in free and immersive browser experience which is compatible just with the Modern user interface, also known as Metro. The very first among them was internet 10 in Metro mode.

With the same approach, the Microsoft document DOCX says “A desktop browser that participates in the new experience when the user wants the browser to do so. Such a browser can provide HTML5 rendering for Web pages and service HTTP/HTTPS requests. By definition, such a browser has full access to Win32 APIs for rendering HTML5, including the ability to use multiple background processes, JIT [just-in-time] compiling, and other distinctly browser-related functionality (like background downloading of files). Desktop browsers typically run at medium or low integrity level.”

You can also say, a carefully and cautiously written browser has much better access to the basic operating system over other web browsers. Also at the very same time, Google is providing Chrome Packaged Apps to both Chrome Web Browser and Chrome OS. These are JavaScript, HTML5 and Cascading Style Sheets apps which run directly in the browser. Those who use Chromebook are very well aware of this fact.

When the two developments have met together, the latest version of Chrome Web Browser looks absolutely like Chrome OS. It acts likewise as well. However, you are still having an option of the traditional Chrome Web Browser. You can launch it from the desktop interface quite simply.

In case you will to give it a try, the right procedure is being described here. First of all, you need to download the developer build compatible with Chrome 32. Then you need to install it in Windows 8 or 8.1. Now you need to make Chrome the Default browser for Windows. For it you are required to access the setting of Chrome and delve the “default browser” section. Just click on the option which reads “make Google Chrome my default browser” and it’s done. If you chose to start it from some other source, you’ll be experiencing the conventional version of Chrome.

Google has announced in the past that it would bring Chrome apps to Windows, Mac and Linux respectively and it kept its word by introducing the very first app for Chrome. Erik Kay, the Engineer Director of Google, proclaims that these Chrome based apps will provide the following features which will make them better than other apps.


  • Off-line Operations– They will allow you to work or play, even in the absence of any internet connection.
  • Connection to the Cloud– You can easily access and save your documents, images and videos on various locations like hard drive, Google drive and other web locations.
  • Stay Alert– Users can receive reminders and updates through desktop notifications. They even can take action with the help of the notification center.
  • Perfectly Compatible for All types of External Devices– It interacts with things connected to your system like USB and Bluetooth quite nicely. Even digital cameras can be connected to it very easily.
  • Automatic Update– These apps update themselves, and keep getting all the latest features time to time. The only requirement is the permission from the user for automatic update.
  • Restart from Where You Left– These apps are synced by Chrome to any computing device you use, so that you can work without any interruption.
  • Worry Free Usage– These apps make good use of Chrome’s inbuilt security feature like Sandboxing. Besides, they update automatically to have the latest security features. So you don’t need to worry about extra software applications to ensure safety and security.

App Launchers– There is a Chrome App Launcher which makes it faster and easier to access your favorite apps. This launcher is designed especially for Win

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