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CNN and Facebook Introduce Its New ‘I’m Voting’ Application

August 31, 2012

CNN, the news source and Facebook, the famous social network debuts their new “I am voting” app. This social app will allow users to show their political preferences on the timelines of their Facebook profiles, real-time tickers and news feeds.

With the coming election season, politics is taking center stage and becoming one of the hot topic of discussion on Facebook these days. In order to take this election season heats up to another level, Facebook and CNN recently introduced their new social app named “I’m Voting”.


The app will allow users commit voting while supporting any particular issue and candidate. This will get exhibited on user’s Facebook timelines, real-time tickers and news feeds. In this way, users can share their voting option with their friends, tell them whom they are voting for and their option about certain issues like health care, economy and immigration.

Facebook has also earlier combined with Microsoft and Washington state in July to make an application that allows the state’s residents register to vote through the social network. Apart from voting on Facebook, residents can hit a “like” and recommend that application to their friends or people in their group.

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