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Don’t Get Angry : Birds To Hurt You

Oh, so you love the game which tests your aiming ability as well as expertise of Physics? I do too, I love Angry Birds, as my home computer and Android can tell you. How I wish they allow it in the office too!!
Like you I have played this immensely popular game, along with PvZ (Plants Versus Zombies), since it was launched.  You can play it on Facebook, Google Plus, Chrome Browser, Android phones, iPhones, Blackberries, Palm OS, Tablets and God knows where else! This platform independence was one reason behind the success of this game. The major versions which are coming to mind at this moment are..

  1. Angry Birds (including Halloween, Bad Piggy Bank and other episodes )
  2. Angry Birds Rio
  3. Angry Birds Space
  4. Angry Birds Star Wars (To Be launched)

[ For a detailed list click here ]

Recently fans were delighted when seven new versions of Angry Birds  including Angry Birds Piggies, Heikki, Rio HD etc hit the Chrome store. But beware, these games are not from the original manufacturer, Rovio Entertainments. Coming from a dubious flash game manufacturer called these games can really hurt your PC.

Take a closer look at these birds!

According to Barracuda Networks, these games, which appear to be free on the chrome store, take access to all your data on every website before you can install these games. A very strange permission of course! You should never divulge all your online information to anybody. Moreover, you can not trace playook .info as they hide themselves behind WHOISGUARD, so WHOIS fails to tell you about them. Why would a flash game manufacturer want to hide behind the veil?

Detailed inspection pointed out that these games replace the original ads on the sites that you visit with ads of their own.  In short its an ad injector.

Now for the realtime scenario update….over 100,000 innocent users have already installed these games on their browsers. Few of them couldn’t understand what does the permission mean in reality and some of them were too excited to read properly before clicking ‘next’ (a habit every Windows user adopts sooner or later! ).

If you have installed it, remove it immediately, clear cookies permanently and get rid of this. Also forget not to change your passwords of each site you visited recently. If your friends or peers or siblings have done so, please ask them to follow the same procedure.

Play the old version for the time being (they never get old, do they? ) and wait for Angry Birds Star Wars to hit the market. Or if you are really done with the old versions, try the new game from Rovio, The Bad Piggies till Star Wars comes to you.

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