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Escapist Apple Removes Java- No It Does Not!!

October 22, 2012

Java, the ubiquitous programming language, which runs Blue Ray Disk Players and cars  alike, has been removed from the Mac OS internet browser. Apple has confirmed the news but has declined to comment on the future.  Oracle also accepted this to be true.

It all happened too quickly for us, so we couldn’t warn you of its coming. Anyway, the incident is an outcome of expert opinions, stating, Java plugin causing a serious security threat for the web browser users of Mac OS X. Oracle has promptly (well not so prompt, it took Oracle 3 days) issued an update to remove both the bugs but even after the update, Adam Gowdiak, a researcher with Polish security firm Security Explorations, claims to have found two more security holes in Java plugin.

Java has been removed! No, Apple is just being escapist

In last April , around 600,000 Macs around the world was infected by something called flashback trojan and Java had to take the blame. Apple had to work hard to get those removed. I guess, since then Apple removed Oracle from its goodbook.

Readers may also remember, around 2 years ago, Apple and Oracle jointly announced that someday Apple will stop providing Java and users will need to download and install it directly from Oracle. Although no date was given that time, it looks like the day is here.

What is funny to us is the way Apple behaves. Java is almost indispensable to surf the web and the mighty  Apple can’t ignore this either. So, they are providing an update which will remove Java from Mac OS and asking users to go and install it personally. “ Oh Dear user, I am so sorry that you have been hacked. But you can’t blame me as I didn’t give your Java, you installed it yourself” is what Apple is trying to say. What a farce!! Instead of saving the customers and guiding them, Apple only cares about own reputation and brand name. All Apple is doing is keeping its lapel clean, customers may go to hell and rot!

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