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Facebook Launches “Facebook Gifts”- Feature Integrates e-com with SNS

November 19, 2012

Giving away gifts has always been one of the most preferred ways of expressing love and care to special friends, family members or relativities. Facebook takes this gifting experience a step ahead through its new feature called “Facebook Gifts”, which is an integration of e-commerce shopping process with Social Media Element.Through this new feature, now Facebook users will be able to send real gifts to their friends and relatives all across the globe. This feature is going to be one real exciting way of presenting love tokens during birthdays, ceremonies or just any special or not so special day. This feature is the remake of Karma, a gift application acquired by Facebook since May 2012

As this feature gets active, Facebook will make recommendation of gifts and respective recipients to the users using their user database. User will be allowed to make selection of gifts from over a hundred options available. There are various brands to choose from such as Starbucks, Warby Parker Glasses, Uber Cabs, etc.

The feature would allow the user either to send the physical gift directly to the recipients or to send a digital voucher, which can be exchanged with the real gift in the stores. This feature has some exciting advantages such as the recipient will receive the instant notification that someone has sent gift to him/her, hence the sender can instantly convey his/her feelings to the recipient. Next, there is no need of knowing the address of the recipient, because Facebook will check the address with the recipient only, asking him/her the location at which he/she wants the gift to get delivered. Also, the recipient will be provided with the option of directly collecting the gift from the store. Hence, it will be the choice of the recipient whether to receive the gift in his/her address or to collect the gift directly from the store. The complete process is sounding quite hassle free and it complies with the consumer behavior of modern day customers, who are more into ecommerce shopping habits.

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