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Facebook ready to greet Angry Birds

January 31, 2012

Facebook, the popular social networking site is a haven not only for netizens to socialize online but also game lovers. Users who have been relishing games like CityVille, FarmVille, Gardens of Time, The Sims Social and others will soon be able to enjoy Angry Birds from the coming Valentine’s Day.

Rovio, maker of the greatly popular avian game Angry Birds, confirmed the arrival of the game on Facebook in an official statement.

The official launch is all set to happen in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. It is pertinent to mention here that Indonesia comprises second biggest market for Facebook outside the US.

Rovio posted on its official page, “Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like competitive pig-popping among friends!” “Join in on the fun — mark this date on your calendar, and let’s make this the biggest Facebook event ever!”


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