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Facebook Video Calling is live for the users

July 8, 2011

Facebook has 2 amazing features for video calling or chatting. Given below are the 2 features and their use to us.

Group Messenger for chat- Now Facebook has launched a multi-person chat interface feature where you can create as well as chat with group of friends all at one time. This feature looks somewhat like the Google New social networking website features i.e. “Google Circle”. Such a feature is good for family and friends who would like to engage in a video chatting session all together. It is probably the most requested feature, this new group chat option, allowing multiple users to simultaneously converse with many others. It can be accessed by selecting the new “Add friends to chat” option embedded in the chat window.

Video Calling- Video calling is one of the greatest additions to the features of Facebook. Here you can visit a profile and select the relevant call button which allows you to video chat. If you are unable to find this option visit this URL: When you are using the video calling option for the first time you need to setup the video file on your system and after running this it what you get is one video plug-in add-on for the browser. Facebook has made the option of calling your friends via a Call button easy and fun to use. Although, the option of video chat for groups is still not very clear. This facility to chat with multiple people at the same time via video will hopefully be released soon.

 Firefox and Google Chrome are some of the approved browsers by Facebook for the purpose. Skype has released an application which integrates Facebook into their chat via video and voice. Facebook has provided its users a way to integrate their Facebook stream into Skype, and to update their status live from Skype. The new deal with Facebook and Skype will change social media patterns and this initiative of Microsoft will help to keep their relationship with Facebook protected against new social networking site Google+, which already has similar features.

To summarize, Facebook video chat seems to be restricted to single chats. The feature of having up to ten contacts being able to video chat all at once has not yet being released by Facebook. These new features of chat and video calling have been the request of many users and will be of great value to them.

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