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Finding the Best between be Samsung vs. iPhone

August 10, 2011

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The Current Technological Trend

With the advent of latest technologies and their relevant representation from big companies, the devices, the machines, the technologies are all bound to entice quite a competition from their peer production groups. The contemporary world is abundant with various technological devices such as smart phones which continue to entertain curious minds of people. Not to mention, smart phones are highly popular amongst people from all age groups. There is a string of undisputed varieties of smart phones but the trick is to choose the best out of them. Android and I phone are, in all likelihood, the most renowned devices which are currently embroiled in a fresh technological wrestle mania season. They have their own share of appreciation, competition, and criticism. In fact, if you got to make a choice between the two you are bound to boggle your wisdom. Hence, to ease the burden a little, you must think of alternative or go through their prospective features.

Comparing Android and iPhone

Although android have evolved in a considerably shorter span, I phone still rule the industry with their easy to use options. When it comes to openness for the kind of applications that can be used on the devices then it would not be untrue to say that I phones are way behind here. Androids provide finest openness than that of its peer group. How can you forget about batteries and the lives? As most devices run on batteries, you hardly forget to check on the battery life of a device. I phones have seriously worked upon increasing the battery life and as a result they have long battery lives than their counterparts. Both of them provide superlative multitasking interfaces.

There are a lot of people who have used both smart phones and have liked software keyboard of I Phone. You can have any other custom keyboard on Android, in fact, there are strong alternatives too. The voice to text feature is an impressive prospect in Android phones. In fact, every text field can be filled up with few words from user’s mouth. There are great features of android phones which allow you reply to an email by voice, send long SMS by voice. In this perspective, Android is considered to be the best smart phone around. The price of tethering services varies depending on many important factors. However, the tethering services from Android have better that of AT&T on the iPhone. On an overall rating, Android wins with margin points. According to a report, 66 percent people preferred Android while 30 percent the iPhone, and 4 percent preferred neither. Both of them carry superlative features and they have defined the contemporary technologies in their prospective manner. So, you are required to make your own choice by exploring your means and options.

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