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Firefox for Microsoft 8 Touch Gets Postponed, Again

January 7, 2014

We all love Firefox, don’t we? It is indeed having the highest market share among all the browsers out there. However, for the users of Windows 8 ‘Modern’ users, we don’t have a much cheerful news from Mozilla. The touch enabled Firefox for Metro has been postponed to mid-March.
The dates have been postponed for a few times now. While announcing it for the first time, Mozilla said, they will release it by December 2013. Then around September Mozilla said the browser will be released when Firefox 27 is released for Windows, in the first week of February. Now, in the first week of January, Mozilla postponed it again by another month, at least. It will now be released with Firefox 28, which is ready for release around mid of March, hopefully.
Windows 8 ‘Modern’ was named Metro but after a copyright infringement case from a German retailer with the same name, Microsoft was forced to rename it quickly and somewhat unattractively.
Firefox comes is three blends, Aurora the alpha version, Beta and Stable. Although, Metro version of Firefox is available in the Alpha channel, and it has been three months now, it has still not been promoted to the next level, Beta. Mozilla will decide on January 31st whether or not to promote it to the Beta channel.
Mozilla started the work on the Metro version of Firefox by as early as March 2012. By October, it was ready for a preview, the Aurora version. It was actually even before the first release of the touch enabled Interface of Microsoft Windows 8. If Mozilla releases it on March 18th, it will be taking more than a year to complete the work and will come long after the release of Windows 8.
The share of touch enabled Windows 8 devices has crossed 10% mark and Mozilla says, it is an important market for them. It also stresses that Firefox must be Metro-ready to remain competitive. However, how many Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users will be interested in the new UI of Firefox will be an interesting thing to observe in near future.
Mozilla is also considering a totally different nomenclature for this new browser which was touted as Firefox Metro previously and was labelled Windows-8 Styled Firefox. Firefox Touch has been suggested by a developer and it has generally received a good response from the user community.

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