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Google Comes Up With the New Compose Feature

November 7, 2012

Writing an E-mail becomes a bit easier as Google introduces a new compose mail feature. It resembles the Gmail chat option, though the compose option is a bit bigger in size. Compose feature allows you to start writing a mail from wherever you are in a pop up overlay window.

The new compose mail option not only makes it easier to refer to your old mails, but it also helps you to keep an eye on any incoming mail while writing a new message. Now you don’t have to leave the page that you were viewing to write a new mail. You can also write multiple messages now and also minimize the overlay window to finish an incomplete mail later.

Apart from the compose feature, it will have a new format for replying to a message. You can also add profile pictures to your contacts now. An additional feature of drag and drop addresses to the to:, cc: and bcc: is also introduced.

Google has rolled out the compose mail option recently but it is still in the testing stage. It will soon be made available to everyone once they are done with the finishing touches.

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