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Google Glass- The Nextgen Wearable Computer

September 17, 2012

If the name “wearable computer” makes you say “what on earth….” then think again. You may soon be called backdated for not knowing what is a wearable computer.

Modern personal computers come in many shapes. You must have heard of the everyday PC also known as desktop, smaller cousin Laptop, Tiny cousin Palmtop. On the other hand, there are tablets (often identified by the touchscreen and lack of physical keyboard), iPad being the latest and most celebrated example.  Smartphones are nowadays so advanced that even they can be considered to be miniature yet very powerful computers.

Wearable computers are also known as body-borne computers. As both the names suggest, you can wear it as an accessory. It’s just not portable, it frees your both hands. Moreover, any wearable computer, invariably have one feature. It will interact with you all the time. It often interacts with the environment, to gather and analysis data, but without interrupting your communication with itself.

You may be surprised to know that wearable computers are in existence since 1960s. It has seen years and decades of research and changes and upgrades. The latest player in this arena is Google, who is developing Google Glass, a pair of spectacles which is infact a computer at their X LAB where Google generally develops nextgen technologies such as the self-driven car.

A Model Displaying Google Glass

Google’s motto has been simple in this. I love Google for this, whatever they do they keep it simple. They want to give the user all the features of any Smartphones without getting their hands busy. And as Smartphones are nothing less than computers, so Google Glass is also nothing but a portable computer.

The operating system, as anyone can guess, will be Android and looks like it will come with a good chunk of AI as you can interact with your computer using natural language. It will of course have an internet connection.

Frankly, this is not the first time when your glasses are smart, you can check for the tremendous effort Mr Steve Mann put in here.  But, forget not the brand, The Google, is making this. Media, developers and customers are waiting for the release so eagerly. Some speculations say the glasses would be available for the mass in 2013, at around 1500 USD. There has been no confirmation from Google itself, although Mr Brin has worn the demo versions many times publicly.

I just would like to request Google to make this head mounted display (HMD) based computer to be available for people with visual problem. How great would be if the HMD can be embedded in glasses with power.

This is a new challenge for developers and while many developers are not even aware of this, ITChimes is keeping a close eye on the developments. When the time comes, ITChimes would like to be the leading app developer for Google Glass, as it has been for many mobile operating systems.

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