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Google Introduces Security warnings for suspected attacks in Gmail

August 17, 2012

In a progress to step further to tighten the Gmail security, Google is introducing a security warning for suspected state-sponsored attacks in Gmail. It will start issuing a security warning notification system on Gmail to those users, who they feel affected by state-sponsored attacks. With this, Google focus on protecting its users from all possible attacks.


However, Google highlight that the warning does not mean that the user’s account has been hijacked. It simply means that Google believes that particular account may be a target of phishing or malware and that users are required to take immediate steps in order to protect their account.

Goggle further suggested that in case a user gets such a security notification, he should change his password or enable the two-step verification for additional security purpose. Further, Google also educates readers about the fact that how attackers send links to fake sign-in pages trying to steal a password of users.


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