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Google is Replacing Password Policy Completely

Hacking, which has increased many times during the last decade is still the biggest online threat. It has been ably aided by increasing computing power, like newer computers can input more combinations while breaking in using brute-force technique. It has also been aided by widespread of internet. With new people coming to access internet every day, the hackers are exploiting their ignorance, naivety and unawareness to gain unauthorised access.

Are These Days Soon Becoming Past? Courtesy: BBC

Even before the rumour of Google is Replacing Password Policy started spreading, Google has shown their concerns many times really. Their last effort, the two-way authentication, which I personally use for all of my Google accounts, has really been helpful to curb the problem. Even an experienced Google user like me, who spend 16 hours a day online, has been a victim of email id victim. This can prove how easy it is to hack into when you have access to a few information.

But even with two way authenticator Google is not happy. It feels typing a password is so backdated. What are the options we have then? Well, there exist many technologies (most of which you have already seen in Hollywood films) which can make breaking in almost impossible.  Let me name a few. Face recognition, retina matching, thumbprint matching, heartbeat pattern. These technologies really exist and can be used. But the problem is the hardware to implement these techniques will be so huge that they are not really viable. Think of an Indian, who is having a free Gmail email id needs to have a $600 hardware to open it. It just doesn’t make sense, right?

Yubikey can be a solution for people concerned about the online security at this moment. You need to plugin one USB drive to get access to your Google account. The thing is pretty easy to use and also costs $20 (INR 1000 approx.) This can be a solution but well Google being Google, we expect something revolutionary and free from them, don’t we?

As per latest industry rumours, Google is working on a permanent solution for replacement of passwords as it doesn’t consider them safe to be anymore.

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