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Google Masterstroke- Maps Resurfaces When Apple is a Mess

December 13, 2012

We all know how it all happened. Apple removed Google Maps for iOS, Google muttered things unprintable and said ok fine, Apple issued apology publicly for a map you are better without, Aus police says Apple maps can be killer, literally and guess what!! Google made it available for iPhone users once more just today!! What timing, what a shrewd strategy!!

Google Map on iOS. image courtesy:

Only 3 days back, the news was doing rounds when Aussie police asked drivers to avoid Apple Map as it may lead to horrible situations and geographic locations. The very next thing we know is Google is there, offering the best available maps out there. The same turn-by-turn navigation, across the street view, pixel perfect display. The catch is, it’s a much stripped down version than what you get in your Android handsets.  As if, you are surprised!!

Nokia also launched HERE, for which they are still looking for a head Linux engineer, apply on LinkedIn if you haven’t yet.  But when Google is there, can any other company think of dominating the market?

The app isn’t available for iPad yet but iPod & iPhone users can really use this thing. The look is flat and minimalistic which is same for all the re-introduced Google apps for iOS recently.

Google has unsurprisingly released the SDK too, letting developers add it to the native apps.  It helps the user to choose between Apple Maps and Google Maps while looking for a direction. In my opinion, this move is to illustrate how much better Google Map is compared to Apple map.

The release of this map will serve many purposes for Google.

  1. Apple users, tired of the native app, will flock to use Google map.
  2. As the Android map is more feature filled, many will be tempted to buy a droid next time just to have a better map.
  3. Google will prove to have a kind heart and come with a rescuer figure.
  4. Google will of course flex muscles and say, see how superior we are than Apple.


Whatever it may be, one thing is for sure…Apple lost once more to Google. Turn the tide dear Apple!!


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