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Google Project Glass: Expecting To Hit the Market Next Year

June 20, 2012

The out of the box minds at Google have been constantly working on an augmented reality head-mounted display these days so that make such spectacle could turn into a natural occurrence. Google is all set to roll-out its first large scale project, “Project Glass”, next year in the market. It will turn up as hands free technology that will match the rising expectations of Smartphone users, including voice commands, into a single pair of eyeglasses.

This Google project Glass will appear similar to a pair of contact lenses with a head-up display which would show in reality messages, maps and other things that can be accessed through the internet. Project Glass posses various exclusive features that are beyond the boundaries of the traditional pair of specs can deliver. It will allow users to click pictures, record videos and share them on various websites. Further, users can receive and make calls, receive and send text messages, listen to audio files, make video calls, check the calendar or weather etc.


Even though there is no specific release date yet Google has announced the launch of Project Glass in early April next year, with a concept video. It demonstrates limited functions like making video calls, getting directions, arranging appointments and snapping photos. Rest other features will show up in the finished product. Google showed off some photos taken from the glasses, along with a slightly-barfly video of the user flipping over on a trampoline at the Google+ Photographer’s Conference held recently.

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