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Google Pushes Its Way through Mobile App War by Acquiring QuickOffice

The speculations are rife among industry experts again with the announcement of Google’s much anticipated acquisition of QuickOffice. Upon acquisition, now, Google is working to put together technology with the Google applications. QuickOffice, a former mobile application developer for Apple’s iOS, Android, and Symbian devices, is predicted to possess the most trusted approach among users with the strongest user base. Google is expecting a much awaited boom with this eventful achievement.

Alan Warren, Engineering Director at Google, confirmed flawless and insightful support throughout the process of integrating QuickOffice. The relatively curious application of QuickOffice offer access to files through cloud storage which include Google Docs, Dropbox, Box, SugarSync, and Evernote.  In fact, its corporate version is slightly different with its application approach.


In its corporate version, administrators have authorization to assign cloud storage accounts and lock the rests with possibility to turn off WiFi sharing and copy/paste.

According to the experts worldwide, this very acquisition by Google will bring the company the kind of drive it was seeking lately. It will provide Google enterprise-friendly Google applications for cell phone users worldwide. In fact, many industry experts believe that the company’s acquisition has come in a situation when Microsoft’s efforts to relocate Android from businesses with Windows 8 on ARM devices will be affected.

Amid speculations, Google is predicted to have struck good in the industry. However, the fate of the success still depends on many forthcoming features. The journey through contemporary challenges will prove success.

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