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Google Voice Search Apps Revised With 13 Additional New Languages

August 31, 2012

Google Voice Search apps for Android phones appears to be magnificent with its new additional features as it will now support 13 new different languages. Earlier, this app is available in 29 languages. Now, the addition of 13 new languages has expanded the list to 42 languages in total. This interesting application is accessible in 46 countries all over the globe. The new added languages to this app includes Romanian, Finnish, Slovak, Catalan, Icelandic, Bulgarian, Galician, Swedish Hungarian, Basque, European Portuguese, Serbian and Norwegian.

“Each new language usually requires that we initially collect hundreds of thousands of utterances from volunteers and, although we’ve been working on speech recognition for several years, adding these new languages led our engineers and scientists to tackle some unique challenges,” posted on the official Google blog.


This improved service is compatible with Android 2.2 and other higher devices. In order to access this updated feature on mobile, there are two simple ways. Users can either download the updated app on their Android mobile phone or tap the microphone button on the main search widget present on the home screen.

Note that users can speak in one language at a time in the device, subsequent to that the the search giant will read out the answer in the selected language. Over 100 million users throughout the globe can take benefit of this app by choosing the language that interest them the most out of a wide option available.

Users can now download this updated Google Voice Search for Android app from Google Play and enjoy its advantages.

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