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How are Twitter and Facebook important for a business?

March 24, 2010

Some business owners’ view marketing their businesses as a necessary and expensive chore that has to be done to ensure the success of their business. While part of that is correct, the part about marketing being a chore and an expensive one at that doesn’t have to be. Social Media Marketing has become very popular over the years and the two greatest things about it are the fact that it is free and it works. Facebook is currently at the forefront when it comes to Social Media. Millions of people all over the world visit this site at least once a day, making it one of the largest pools of potential clients and customers readily available on the internet today. Thousands of companies and businesses have already jumped onto the Facebook/Orkut/LinkdIn marketing train because it provides an excellent free alternative to many other more expensive forms of marketing. They have made it extremely easy for companies to market their goods or services on their site, and reach out to a target audience. Landing pages, the ability to run promotions &  give away freebies , and the ability to directly communicate with anyone who has “liked” your company’s page are just a few of the innovative ways to attract customers and clients by reaching out through social networks. Companies are gaining these important leads every day using Social Media Marketing, Facebook in particular. The site is constantly changing to make it more attractive to new users, which in return increase the number of prospective clients and customers. People trust networking sites, which is a priceless advantage over other advertising websites available to users today, primarily because it offers you the option of reviewing another users’ first-hand experience regarding a certain product or service. Personal information of each user is strictly guarded and unavailable but can be obtained through a sample give away or by offering something for free to anyone that “likes” your company’s page. It is a way to assist in building your email and direct mail marketing in addition to other marketing plans that you may have in place.

Twitter is another excellent Social Media tool that cannot be overlooked. The site has become an important communication tool for many businesses and individuals that want to get their message out to others around the globe in 140 characters or less. Thousands of companies have joined Twitter in addition to Facebook. Through Twitter, you can ‘tweet’t your message out about many different subjects. There is a search feature where your company will be able to reply to anything that is said about it. This is a great reputation management and customer service tool as well. Many businesses are taking advantage of Twitter’s great search features to help manage their online reputation and enhance their customer service satisfaction ratings. Both of these Social Media outlets are excellent, free tools for building your business and driving traffic to your website. As mentioned before, they are both free and after the initial set up, which requires an investment of a minimum amount of time on your part, you will see the difference it makes at the bottom line. Allowing for consumers’ reviews via these social networking site also help in building faith in the brand, and gaining a dedicated customer base.Twitter and Facebook reach their full potential as a cheaper, quicker, and more effective way to market a business on the internet, making them definite options that one should consider when it comes to looking for a way to advertise.

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