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How Do You Fit 1000 TB (1 Million GB) Data on Your DVD

June 20, 2013

You may have heard of normal DVD5 holding 4.7 GB data? OR probably the DVD9 holding 8.5 GB of data? You might have heard of BRD (Blue Ray Disk) as well holding a mammoth 25 GB to 33.4 GB data. But a single DVD holding 1 million GB of data!!

That is exactly what the researcher Richard Evans from CSIRO has been demonstrating. Using a two beam light instead of the single beam which is traditionally used, they could finally overcome the spatial problem descried by German physicist Ernst Abbe and known as Abbe’s limit. Abbe’s limit was the main problem for which we couldn’t go beyond 4.7 GB in the physical area a DVD gives us.

250,000 DVD in One DVD!

Using a red beam, which operates independently the writing process is initiated and thus the beam is called writing beam. The second beam is of different colour (and thus, of different wavelength) which is used as the anti-recording beam. Thus, Ebbe’s law doesn’t play any role here.

Using this technology, the prototypes have been able to store up to 1 million GB ie 1000 TB ie 1 PB (PetaBytes) of data. If commercially viable, these disks are going to change the world for sure.

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