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How to increase the rate of Google caching on a website

Ever site wants to attain the number one position on Google’s rankings. Though attaining this number one position is important; however, to retain that position is far more valuable. Google is the most widely used search engine around the world and has been constantly changing its methods for searching sites. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo have been changing their algorithms regularly, which can consequently change the ranking of any website. Each day new sites are coming up and competition is growing tougher in the world of the web. Each site follows a different method of optimizing its pages for the web. Many existing sites are constantly changing their content in order to get a good ranking on a search engine, so it is advisable to follow Google cache to attain a good position.

To increase the rate of Google caching on a website, it is important to set the site up with links which are connected to Google. The web page should have a “Cached” link which should describe the page ranking with Google. Google cache helps increase the rankings of the page; therefore a page is quickly searched on other search engines as well. The text of a web page should have a specific number of keywords and key phrases. These keywords and key phrases need to be highlighted on the page so that they can be cached on the Google page. The density of the keywords per page should ideally be 5%. Keywords play a very important role in the ranking of a site. Though the ideal density of keywords is 5%, in case of some sites the density can also be as high as 8%. However, if the density is too high then the site can also be spammed.

If a new site uses the command “&num=100” in the scripting part of the site, it helps in its ranking. This command gets the site in the first 100 pages. Though the ranking may not be good, but the search engine starts to recognize the site. Google rankings can be increased; however, a proper method needs to be implemented. The website should have a Title tag and Meta tags. These two tags should appear on all the web pages. If required these tags should be changed as per the keywords as well as the content. If the tag is not according to the content it will bring in traffic but not the targeted customers.

Search engines are introducing new methods each day to search for websites. The position of a site may change; however, it should appear on the first page and for that a good SEO company can help increase the rankings of the site.

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