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How to Use Webinars Most Effectively?

Will you like to read a very lengthy paper, during your busy schedule, or you will prefer a video that states the same? No matter, how important is the topic, until you want to take a note of the specific data, you will not like to go through a lengthy process of reading. It brings me to the point of how to use webinars most effectively. Especially, if it is a subjective topic, video is the best tool. Here is a nice survey for you to find out your own tendencies.


Dear ol’ Rand is at what he does best, again. (Taken by screen capturing, courtesy: SEOMOZ )

Frost & Sullivan, pointed this out in a whitepaper that webinar (web seminars) is the best way to build a dedicated pool of readers around your content. SEOMOZ does that excellently with their whiteboard Friday program. Did you check how well they generate viewership and readership? Yes, given that they are one of the bests in the business and also their topics are really fresh, innovative and insightful but the point is more people watch Rand Fishkin and co on the video than to read the text provided.

Webinars are great for a few things, let me point out a few things.

  1. People learn more by seeing than by reading. So if your intention is to make the target remember you, then videos are your way.
  2. Get them popular, this is a redundant point I think, you know it already, right? Just making sure that you don’t forget the SEO part of the job.
  3. Please keep things organised. When I, for example, visit your site, I must be able to find all your webinars at one place. Dedicate a page to the webinars.
  4. Make it a regular process. If I like your webinar but I don’t know when to find the next instalment, I might lose interest in it. So, make it a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly habit to make sure your loyal viewers are coming back to you regularly.
  5. Please respond to the comments. It makes the contributors feeling special and personal. Even a simple thanks to a praising word can make things a lot better.

SEOMOZ gives out pro membership for a fee. Guess what?  Mostly, the simple members, who gathered there for free webinars, later pay to become the Pro member. SEOMOZ is playing it cool, no? That’s why they are one of the best in the business.

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