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Introducing a Smart-Pen that Can Connect to Your iOS 7 Device via Bluetooth

November 6, 2013

Hard to imagine but it’s true!! Days of scribbling things on a piece of paper have long passed away and are now history. Now, you can simply write away on digital devices using what is called a smart-pen. Those who are usually fond of jotting things down on a notepad can do the same thing using a smart-pen. Users would simply fall in love with the latest Livescribe 3 Smartpen that works as perfect bridge between old school writing and the latest in smartphone technology.

Free writing with the iOS device is just the beginning. This new device which is a successor of the renowned Sky Wi-Fi smartpen which was release last year can simply record and put down everything you write or scribble down. Once the information is captured it can be easily transferred to the iOS device via Bluetooth.
Smart PenImage Source: Mashable

This smartpen is highly compatible with the iOS 7 and has the ability to immediately display the transferred data as soon as it scribbled on the iPad or iPhone. With the launch of the Bluetooth version of the smartpen, Livescribe has made the use of the pen easier and highly flexible. The bleeding edge device is now even more attractive and can be easily firmly held while jotting anything down on the smartphone. Owing to the ease of use, most mobile users already have the knowledge of how to use the pen and pair it with the wireless keyboard and the handset with use of the Bluetooth. In simpler terms, working with the Livescribe 3 is not only easy but an engaging experience too. Have fun with the smartpen and save the time and hassles of jotting everything on paper.

The smartpen comes with a micro-USB charging cable. It is available in the market for $149.95. The manufacturer is also going to release a Pro edition that would offer a leather touch. This would offer a more natural touch and a better grip so that users can easily draw and scribble whatever they like with ease.

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