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iPad Mini – Much Ado About Nothing

October 25, 2012

We told you its coming and showed you a leaked photo long before it arrived. It has arrived. Apple has recently launched the much anticipated iPad Mini. The iPad Mini, however came at a whopping $ 329 whereas we were expecting more of a $250 device. If you want to use it as a phone also, then shell out at least $ 459 for a 16 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular version. For detailed pricing, check here.

The device has almost all the features of iPad 2, and almost all the features are improved over the bigger cousin. This is one justification of the rather high price.  But still, at INR 17659, it is still costly for Indians. But then, it is not available in India yet, officially. You can always ask your friends to bring one back home for you, but remember, it needs a Nano SIM and not a micro SIM which is not easily available in India either.

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Lets take a quick glance at the features. We could not find any improvement of specs over iPad with retina display. Same camera, same connectivity and even offered on same carriers ! We could find two reductions however, the Dual-core A6X with quad-core graphics of iPad gave way to a less powerful Cortex A5 processor. Also the amazing retina display with 264 ppi has been replaced with a normal display with a mere 163 per. Now, 163 ppi is good, many smartphones come with 130 ppi still but if habituated with 264 ppi on Retina, then you are going to get a bit disappointed.

As it is a mini, so display became shorter and if 7.9 inches diagonally but serious reduction was done in weight. iPad mini weighs half of iPad or iPad 2! Now, that is something cool, it makes Mini very handy device and easily operable with one hand.


The main competitors would be Google (as always!) with its Nexus 7 and also Amazon Kindle Fire. While those products offer competitive specs and features, they cost around half of iPad Mini.  Several analysts thus already have dismissed any competition. Who, if not a Jobs-ian by religion, is going to pay double the price for similar tablet!

Positive side can be, if you always wanted to own a iPad but couldn’t afford it go for this device. You can save a minimum of $ 170 and lose nothing except a bigger display as any app which runs of iPad or iPad 2, will run on iPad Mini.

Our verdict

Apple failed to capitalise on the growing interest of the customers by pricing it way beyond the guesses. People will wait till the price goes down. And with Google Nexus 10  coming up on October 29, Apple’s iPad series is going to face a very very difficult competition.

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