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iPad Mini Photo Leak- Real or Fake?

September 19, 2012

Even before iPhone 5 launched, there were rumours that there is going to be a younger cousin of iPad, called the iPad mini. Many people even decided to wait a bit before buying the new iPhone, expecting an iPad mini release soon. Apple declined to comment on this rumour, as we all know. The more mysterious point is that, there has been no news or snapshot leaked which looked credible enough………. till now!!

ITChimes recently heard and enquired a bit about a ‘leaked’ photo of iPad mini which is floating on the web recently. Let us share with you.

The alleged iPad Mini- does it match your imagination?

The Chinese blog, bolopad (the name sounded Indian, especially since bolo in Indian languages means SPEAK or SAY) recently launched them. According to them, the alleged photos were taken with a spy cam. The snaps are not of great quality but clear enough to see the new “iPad mini” looks like the existing iPad versions.

Experts have already pointed out a few features, if the leaked photos are to be believed. And few features actually make you feel that the photos are real. Thinner bezels, aluminium back plate, dual speakers. Lightning port at the bottom and at least one strange hole on the back of it (to communicate with Sir Steve Jobs?) all exactly like we wanted and expected the iPad mini to be.

The manufacturing has been outsourced to China (is that a news anymore?) and this model seems to have a Chinese weather icon on the home screen. Is this a real photo of a prototype?

The last point in the favour of the photos is, relayed the news to the world and this site previously posted leaked iPhone 5 photos and news which matched in totality with the actual product.

But well, how long are you using the internet? How many hoaxes you have faced which set your pulse racing and made you eagerly expectant? For me, I have faced many and very very sceptical now before I trust any news, especially sensational news coming from unauthorised sources. These pics can certainly be doctored. Use an iPad photo, use the photoshop and you have your sensation of the day. I will be waiting a bit before other news come up corroborating this release. As for you, you don’t lose a penny for either believing it or discarding it.

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