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iPhone 5 is game for a sultry makeover

May 24, 2012

All news about Apple Inc. is important and sets the markets abuzz with anticipation. If the recent report published on is to be believed, Apple is making arrangements for its next-Gen iPhones and one of these devices will feature a brand new display.

Remarkably the iPhone display from the first edition to the third remained unchanged. However, the iPhone 4 sported a phenomenal 640 X 960 Retina Display. Traditionally the iPhone display measures 3.5 inches diagonally, with a 3:2 aspect ratio. Rumors are rife Apple is set to give its next iPhone an astonishing makeover.


Apple has been secretive about its new launches and is known guard its research from all possible pilferages. As on date the only news available about the new device in the iPhone series is that it is in the testing phase.

Speculations about the new iPhone are rampant. Some of the attributes that the latest version, which is expected to be publicly launched by the third quarter of this year, as per are:
• NFC and Biometric security
NFC technology will let iPhone be used as a wallet and its killer combination with biometric security will assist in mobile payments. Apple has applied for patents with regards to this technology. If true, the new iPhone is all set to replace your wallet and work as a car key. Biometric security is to offer superior security as it will require your fingerprint to authorize you as the genuine phone user!

• Enhanced storage space
With storage cropping up as an issue and 64 GB failing to suffice the iPhone users, the new iPhone 5 could pleasantly surprise all with a massive 128 GB storage capacity. The famous quote “More is less” seems to fit perfectly well here!

Inductive charging
The new iPhone 5 is all set to relieve you from the painful ritual of plugging in for charging the device. Instead you can place the device on the chosen place and watch while it inevitably charges itself through induction.

• Video chats over 3G and 4G
iOS 5 already has FaceTime over 3G built in as a part of the integral menu. However, with the release of this device, carriers are expected to allow the usage of the service.

Longer battery life
iPhone 5 is expected to contain A6 processor that helps consume less energy and guarantees higher speed. The A6 processor means a longer battery life of the phone.

4G compatible
4G network sports 100mbps which is equivalent to 1GBps speed. 4G is a reality in the US and Europe and there is every bit chance that iPhone 5 will cash on this opportunity of adding the compatibility with 4G network as an integrated feature.

Design makeover
iPhone 5 is likely to get an attractive design makeover. Rumors suggest that the new device will contain a metal body, be a lot slimmer and will encompass a larger screen probably spanning from one edge to the other to make is look sizzling hot.

No one knows whether these reports are actually true or not. However, one common belief that binds all is that iPhone 5 is the next WOW thing in the pipeline!

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