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Is Android Vulnerable to Be Hacked?

August 7, 2012

It’s all apparent and proven that most hacking experts worldwide today can easily attack all android phones with malicious methods that are also confirmed to have worked effectively on all such devices available today. Ironically, the confirmation has come to fore in the wake of Google’s vows to strengthen protection to such malicious practices often done by hackers.

Many experts have also revealed to have encountered a potential growth among hackers developing malicious software much to the disappointment of the industries. On the contrary, many other experts have simply refused to comment on the subject in details.

According to a report published in daily, “Researcher Charlie Miller demonstrated a method for delivering malicious code to android phones using a new Android feature known as near field communications.”

After several demonstrations on hacking android phones, the phones are reported to have shown a security flaw in the application. However, Google has dealt with the flaw effectively in Chrome.

The following events in the industry pose a serious problem that might not have a solution as of now. However, the industries are searching through a variety of alternatives and options to soon get onto something ideal to resolve the issues. The following news might affect the Android Industry in many ways.

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