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Is Miiverse on Wii U Console the New Light of Technology?

June 5, 2012

With the launch of the much anticipated Wii U console, the speculations are rife in the online gaming industry worldwide. The popularity of social networking seems to have found a newly unexpected dais on the latest device, Wii U console, ahead of E3 video game conference. The device will brag Miiverse, one of its kind latest social networks, enabling gamers to share messages, gaming tips etc. the representatives of the firm have also shed light on the device’s network connectivity through 3DS handheld, PCs, and smartphones.

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The industry experts are making no bones about the introduction but still the rumor has it that the device has been an intentional move to suppress the loss precipitated in April at Nintendo. Since the announcement of Wii U’s introduction last year, the company’s shares have gone half. It was a huge disaster for the company.

While turning on the device, it will show up animations swarming popular game sites. The user can easily send text, share pictures, tips, and profiles on devices through social network called Miiverse. In fact, the company is soon going to add other effective features in the coming future.

The launch has received mixed response worldwide. In fact, the technology is surely unmatchable considering the current gaming technology available today. The device may bring the right amount of relief for Nintendo who’s undergone such a huge loss lately. But the ongoing technology development is also on the rice. It needs to be really magnificent to avoid replacement. However, the launch is predictably successful despite speculations going haywire.

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