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It’s Apple all around CES, Las Vegas!!!

January 19, 2012

Tech giant Apple Inc. is known for its self-importance and gritty nature. The consumer electronics maker is branded to snub all third-party shows as per its convenience. It does not exhibit any of its products in these shows rather chooses to exercise total control over the venue, timing, message, guest list et al. at its flagship event called World Wide Developer’s Conference. Therefore skipping International CES year after year is no surprise and has become a norm!

However, there is a twist to the tale this time. Rumor mills were abuzz with news that 250 odd Apple employees had registered to attend this year’s Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas. The show was held between Jan 10-13.

From the time two of Apple’s Top Brass was spotted at the venue, tongues had started waggling about the tech giant’s spy motives already.

A reporter for Paid Content on Tuesday spotted Greg Joswiak, Apple’s head of iOS product marketing hanging around Sony Corp’s booth at the convention centre. While a blogger for The Next Web claims to have seen Apple’s software chief, Scott Forstall, at Lenovo’s booth. He posted on Twitter about his finding on Tuesday.

The tech industry is wary about these discoveries and finds it hard to absorb the fact. Apple still holds a grip in the industry and dominates the market in consumer electronics.

This is unarguably not the best of topics to either discuss or debate. However, brand Apple is too good to ignore and the risk too high. The company that gave a whole new meaning to brand i seem to have sent secret agents to CES to take a sneak peak at their competitors latest. Apple has been denying in a cliché style that are not unfazed by the competition around them.

But Apple’s eyes and ears roaming in CES clearly exposes the fear mounting deep within the company. After all the e-Age is a highly demanding and all about innovation, experimentation and risk taking. In the battle of the survivor only the undeterred will survive.

The company that once swooped market shares with its i range iPhone, iPod, and iPad seems to be running short of ideas post Steve Jobs. Perhaps the wandering of Joswiak, Forstall among many others explains it all!!!




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