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Java 8 for web portal development, What’s new and What’s not

The advanced and frequently talked about Java version 8 was recently introduced, and as web developers we were quite excited regarding what came in the new package. At IT Chimes, our Java developers called it to be the most technically sound version introduced till date, and let’s see exactly the Java 8 has to offer.

Java for Web Development- IT Chimes

Customized web portal development solutions require a robust and commercially viable platform, which at IT Chimes, we believe could be either Java or PHP. As part of our last week’s article on PHP as a web development solution, we bring a short and snappy look into the surprising folds of Java based web and application development. The latest Java Development Kit version 8 release was rolled out by Oracle and is commercially called the JDK8.

Java for Web Development- IT Chimes




Sneak preview into the JDK8

The JDK8 offers an entirely revised look at programming and comes replete with many interesting features and addons. Our developers found it exceptional at identifying and fixing bugs, besides an inherent ability to divide problems so as to enable better team collaboration. There are plenty of opportunities to experiment and invent in the newly available JDK8, which is compatible with numerous development tools for handling complex binaries. In all fairness, it will be great to rev your programming engines and see output on the new Java Development Kit.

Lambda Expressions

Lambda Expressions are a smashing new feature of the Java version 8 release, which allow you to treat complex functionality as a method argument, or code as data. These expressions allow you to express instances of single-method interfaces, called functional interfaces. Single-method preferences provide easy-to-understand lambda expressions for methods that already have a calling function name. Further, these default methods can be tweaked to add and access new functionality for library interfacing, besides making sure that binary compatibility with code is written for previous versions of those interfaces.

Other JDK8 Features

  1. Default methods open doors for new functionality for better interfacing between libraries and improved binary compatibility.
  2. Repeating Annotations exhibit improve enhanced application with the same annotation type more than once to the same declaration or type use.
  3. Type Annotations offer application of an annotation anywhere a type is used, regardless of its declaration. The type annotations are used with a pluggable type system that enables improved type checking of the source code.

Industry experts believe that the new Java release will allow integration of all types of modern architectures with its acute software parallelization and application integration.

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