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Latest Scheme of Google To Power the Internet May Turn Surprising For You

The social network of the Amercian web giant, Google+ is not restricted to social network like other networking sites. As per the CEO of the web giant, Larry Page, Google+ is the social platform for a company whose ambition is to control and rule over the web world. But, the fact  is that it is much more than a simple social networking site.

Most of the people think that Google+ is just a social network site and relate it to Facebook. This is a half known truth as the hidden reality is known by very few percentage of people who loves experimenting and hunting for the truth. Philippe Torres, director of studies at the Atelier of BNP-Paribas, specializes in new technologies and oppose those people who consider Google+ is an engaging networking site like Facebook. He believes that comparing Google+ and Facebook is a faulty view because the strategy behind the social network of Google is global. According to him, comparing Google+ with Facebook based on the number of members does not give the complete picture. We should see how quickly Google+ has grown during the same time period than Facebook.

The figure states that Google+ have over 500 million members out of which 135 million are active users in two years of existence. In addition to this, 800 million users of YouTube, 500 million users of Gmail and Gtalk. When combined together, the figure of more than one billion people are existing in the world of Google. So far, we have shared half part of the story.


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The actual truth is far behind what appears out of these above given facts and figures. One actomatically gets the Google+ profile, if he or she is using Gmail. This helps in increasing the user base of Google+. Nate Elliot, a senior analyst at Forrester says,“In order to be on Gmail, you have to be on Google+, which increases the user base. All it takes for Google to be satisfied is that the users are active from time to time.”

It has been noticed that even if the user did nothing in his or her Google+ account, it will track a user as soon as he or she will login to his or her Google account. On Google Maps, it is Google+ that the user needs to use to share a location. Also, in order to use other functionalities, using Google+ account is required. In case of YouTube, it is more surprising that user has to log into the Google account if anything needs to be done such as commenting, likes, etc. Similarly, for Google Shopping, Google Drive, etc., users need to log in to their Google+ account. This is how Google manages to see and save every move of the users.

Hence, it is not wrong to say that every functionalities of Google+, YouTube, Maps or Gmail, all are trapped with the intention to ensure every user is well-connected with Google at each moment.


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