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How to Leverage Developer Involvement to Ensure Substantial Output

December 3, 2014

Have you ever faced loss of clients due to inability of providing what you had initially promised to them due to lack of development and design compatibility. If you are looking to streamline and enhance your business and production process, you might want to have a look at this article.

I guess, with the rapid growth structure and the constant motion of our day to day operations, ‘one man for one job’ philosophy can dishelve a successful organization. Hence, here I stand, dishing out my 2 cents.

Engage the Developer from the Pre-Production

The designer plays crucial role in the development and execution process of a website. Therefore, it is very essential that they be a part of the project meeting during the on board meeting section where the project is described and all details and informations are shared so that every department concerned with the project can understand what is required and if it is deliverable and what kind of challenges that could be encountered regarding the same.

Having the Designer and coder team work together would help in efficiency as well as help in avoiding any complications that can arise due to miscommunication of expectation from the client side.

Developer’s insights makes the impossible Possible

Developers posses the potential to provide critical insight into what can be done or not done. Thus harvesting their expertise especially during the planning sessions can hep the entire project team fill up a lot of blanks and even get a vague idea of the final outcome of the project.

Developers may not be always willing to dive into most of the ideas, but at the same time they offer insights on to how to take something a step further from what was imagined initially. Since they are the ones who bring life to the website design and development, their insights are very helpful if used wisely and have their inputs incorporated effectively.

Developers and Designers work in Close Coordination

The developers form the core structure of the website development process. They call the shots for most the part of the development sides, that includes design related decisions as well. Thus, in order to avoid later stage mismanagement and conflict during the development process, it is imminent that the Designers as well as the Developers work in close coordination.

Designers are mostly interested in the designing and presentation aspects of the website. Thus to have their development ideas discussed in detail with the developers will only help both team to set reasonable goals and work towards that with greater efficiency and avoid turmoil during the development process.


In the world of web development, client almost always wants the moon. While their moons may vary and most often the capable IT solutions provider might help them get them there, it often helps if the developer and the designer are brought into the early phases of the meeting and discussions in order to provide valuable insight and resultantly the client can be provided a realistic picture of what they are going to get.

Thus, the next time you get a client on board, make sure to include the development team as early int the process as possible and witness the project unfold in a much more controlled and efficient fashion than ever before.

Gaurav Sabharwal is the Business Head at IT Chimes. He is an avid blogger, and likes to pen his thoughts about building, managing and leading teams in IT, top-level decision making and time management. Find him on Twitter @GauravSabh

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