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Linux Phones-New Challenge For Us

IT Chimes is doing mobile app development for a long time now and having considerable success with it too. We take this opportunity to thank our clients who trusted us during our nascent days.

Till now, we have developed for many popular mobile environments including iOS and Windows Mobile and the great Android.  Some of our fine products are Minx, ProNutRex, Storeometer, Tot 3G, HarDeal etc. in domains like e-commerce, education, internal marketing. Telecom and internet marketing.

Recently phones powered by the Linux OS caught our attention. We feel, at IT Chimes, we were not paying the due attention to this wonderful OS. We did a quick search and found out there are more Linux phone users than Windows phone user!  That is certainly a surprising data for us and also encouraged our new initiative.

Market Share of Major Mobile OS

Some great Linux phones are out there, especially from the leading Android manufacturer Samsung. Here is one for your curiosity and here is a bigger list.

Linux phones are rather low cost due to the free operating system, just like the Android OS. Windows charges around 80-100 USD from OEMs for each genuine copy of their OS. Moreover, being open source, all the applications and games you want to install are free (except for very rare exceptions, like Cedega software). You don’t have to wait for updates as the updates are very regular. And the light weight of Linux makes your phone super fast, compared to its bulkier counterparts.

We are gearing up for this challenge as we think Linux has a great potential as a mobile OS. Our experts have already started a project on it and it is in Alpha stage. We will periodically update the status in Google+ and our blog.

We are sure of overcoming this challenge like all the previous challenges we met. In fact it entices us to achieve what very few mobile app developers in India have done.

A very very attractive bunch of Linux phones can be compared and bought here.


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