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Microsoft Own Social Net Working Secret

July 16, 2011

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Social networking is going to limit the madness of launches of networking portals like Facebook, Google Me and now maybe new one According to Tech-crunch Microsoft has “unintentionally” leaked its own social networking platform. Microsoft is functioning on a social web networking project called Tulalip, according to “splash page” that was accidentally published on recently.

By the looks of it, this again is going to be a venture into “social search” and Social network. A picture of upper side landing page by Microsoft is shown above which reveals as a new “social search” service.

The project name Tulalip accidentally came on the Web which Microsoft later took it down. Though Microsoft has confirmed that it is a Microsoft Research project that has been recently registered nothing can be said for certain. Whatever it may be right now it does seem to look more like a social networking site.

The speculations continue as nothing definite has been said by Microsoft. The picture as you can see shows their incorporation with Facebook and Twitter. The search box on the top is non-operational. Also it’s being conjectured that is going to be based on the web language HTML5.

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