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Mobile Malware- Are you using original Android Market or Fake


An open source support tends to be the reason for the success of a product like the Android marketed by Google. The open Source platform provides a great opportunity for developers to make their preferable changes to the application and thus custom tailor them to their needs. Many smart phones use Android, making things simple for developers and users .This has resulted in the immense growth of the Mobile Application Market being captured by Google Android. It has in fact been ranked as the top operating system.

The free apps offered by Android are hitting the thoughts of many users, although ads which appear on other Androids may lure customers into traps. Software which claims to be open software, which helps optimize your phone battery, could turn out to lead you to a fake market site, loosely resembling that of the actual Android Market. The one given is actually one which slowly kills data and destroys it. The uncanny resemblances with that of Android’s Market tab have entrapped many unsuspecting customers.

This market of fake apps is growing equally fast. It shows the URL of a different browser location. Attention should be paid towards small things like the red flag warning which alerts you if you are downloading app. Mobile users can actually directly access the site without going through the standard browsers of a mobile. The malware creators remain on the move, successfully evading the authorities. Since the URL is constantly moving it is quite difficult to catch people engaged in these activities. Often, unsuspecting users end up downloading malwares and Trojans that create malicious programs on the system.

Preventive steps must be taken and implemented to protect users from such malware.If given an option to download apps for free, it must be looked into carefully. It is preferable to always use safe browsing. There are many small apps related to social sites and video streaming sites which might be used as baits. Some tips that you need to follow to protect your android mobiles are: differentiate between android apps and mobile web browsers, install trusted apps and set a password for your android phone. Also, the installation of a good antivirus is a must.

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