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New ITU Diktat To Hurt Internet Users of Developing Countries

October 26, 2012

If International Telecommunications Union has their way then internet users from India and other developing countries might face difficulties in accessing contents on the internet which are situated on the servers of another country.  During a recent meet, ITU will suggest governments to have more control on the internet and also allow them to charge for traffic landing on their land.

This is simply unfair for developing countries. If you have enough internet user and you don’t have enough infrustructure to have enough servers then you have to pay. Both these conditions are correct for developing countries. These countries have huge population who goes online for fun or business but most of the servers are in the first world countries like USA and Europe.

Unfair for developing countries

This can mean several things. Firstly, the cost of accessing internet will go up in the developing and under developed countries as ISP will have to pay for traffic to other countries. Whereas Indian government is planning to take broadband to masses and rural areas by making it cheaper, this can be a huge blow.

Secondly, this also means, limited access to internet if you cant afford to pay for abroad servers. This is in complete contradiction of the internet’s basic principle. The internet was developed to be a free medium of communication and data sharing for all. There should never be a barrier where a poorer surfer cant access a website just because it is hosted on servers in a foreign location.

Thirdly, it is difficult to determine who initiated the data transfer process. For example,Mr X searches for  a video on youtube and clicks on the link to see the informations given below the video. The video started automatically. Who to charge for this amount of video data?

All these questions must be answered before initiating such a movement and the answers should be acceptable and satisfying for all.

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