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Nokia and Motorola all geared up to get on the market of Smartphones

September 10, 2012

As the phone market is getting dominated by Smartphones, all the leading phone companies are trying to stand out in the competition by offering more upgraded and advance Smartphones. No, doubt Apple was the inciter, and Samsung succeeded to get a good share of the Smartphones market through its galaxy range. Nokia and Motorola Mobility are also joining the race by launching their new range of Smartphones. Where on one hand, Nokia market got considerably down as the customers grew fonder of Smartphones, there on other side, Motorola completely lost its market and finally it had got owned by Google. Now both the company is struggling to make headway against Samsung’s Galaxy S III and Apple’s iPhone by launching its new range of Smartphones. Both the companies are emphasizing to the point that there Smartphones are better than I phones either in terms of battery life or display features.

Nokia launches its new Lumia 920 against 3.5-inch-screen iPhone 4S and flaunts that its Lumia 920 is of 4.5-inch LCD touch screen and its display’s pixel-per-inch count is superior to that of Apples iPhone 4S, which uses Apple’s Retina technology

Motorola Mobility is launching a bunch of three Smartphones: Droid Razr HD of 4.7-inch display, Droid Razr Maxx HD and The Razr HD. Motorola’s’ USP is the long battery life of the phones and maximum storage capacity. All the three phones will be available exclusively from Verizon.

If Nokia and Motorola are trying their best, Apple is also not sitting ideal as it’s reported to come up with its 4-inch-display iPhone that will be supported with improved pixel-per-inch count, propably equal to that of Lumia 920’s.

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