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Opera Browser takes another leap with new addition to 10.10

November 24, 2009

The Opera Browser is a software provider which has successfully created a plethora of tools for Internet users. Its browser serves a purpose similar to that of the typical Internet browser yet, there are many significant improvements in it. It has the reputation of a well-built product. Its installation file is very compact too. Some of the features of Opera are:

File sharing: It’s so simple, anybody without any prior file-sharing experience can easily do it. In the client-server architecture, the files you upload are stored on a server, which is usually a high-capacity mainframe or other powerful computer with high file storage and processing capabilities. Then, the person who you want to share the file(s) with, downloads the file from the server. But now it is simply hosted on your computer making it a mini-server and then allows you to instantly share files thus avoiding the in between servers leading to a faster rate of transfer of data.

Music sharing: The whole process of music sharing has been made very easy. After the installation of your Opera 10.10, you need to select “Stream Music”, here you would need to go through a demo. Opera 10.10 supports the storage of your music online in a folder and requires you to name your computer. You can then access this music from anywhere. People can download music from these public created folders. If you want partial restriction, that too is provided as an option, thus creating a random password for your online music. You may even want to share your files online.

Picture sharing: Sharing pictures is a very unique feature for a browser, Opera 10.10 provides that. Uploading the pictures is not at all required. There is however a drawback of you having to be online every time anyone would like to access the photos.

Turbo Mode: Turbo mode enables one to access information and browse the Internet faster. Compression of the image is the trick. The text is displayed first and following a preference order, the items are displayed. This provides faster navigation and helps those with slow internet or even those with a dial-up connection.

Opera works toward speeding up page loading and protecting their users from dangerous websites and online threats. Opera has an advantage of not being very well known or used-unlike Internet Explorer. Virus and spamming attempts are often targeting the more well known browsers because more people are using them.

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